Office founded in 1999.

studiomas architetti developes urban and architectural researches through the realization of projects (museums, exhibitions design, offices building, housing, interior design…), graphic design, development of cultural events, lectures and joining several architectural competition, developed individual or shared with other architects. The works of the studio have been published on several international magazines and specific web sites (Domus, Archdaily, Dezeen, Architizer, Abitare) and have already received numerous awards and accolades.

Actually run by

Piero Puggina, b.1972, Padova, Italy.
1999 graduated at Faculty of Architecture, IUAV of Venice.
2005-2021, teaching in ISAI, Vicenza, Italy

Marco Rapposelli, b.1971, Padova, Italy.
1998 graduated at Faculty of Architecture, IUAV of Venice.
2004-2010  teaching in IUAV of Venice.

studiomas people

natacha aparicio (ARG)
mattia arcaro (ITA)
giulia barbè (ITA)

riccardo bettin (ITA)

giuseppe biasi (ITA)
laura bogon (ITA)
serena bragato (ITA)
carolina dell’agnolo (ARG)
devis durello (ITA)
fabio fiocco (ITA)
gunther galligioni (ITA)
fabio gleria (ITA)
elena gomiero (ITA)
riccardo mietto (ITA)
giovanni nardo (ITA)
alessandro paladin (ITA)
alessandra pagnussato (ITA)
giuseppe pagano (ITA)
enrico polato (ITA)
alessandro ponchio (ITA)
valeria prestianni (ITA)
kenji watanabe (JPN)
simone siino (ITA)

studiomas 1999-2004
edoardo narne, piero puggina, marco rapposelli, roberto scarsato

web developer
tomaso scarsi